Top 10 Reasons to be a Server

Ever wonder why some people stay & wait tables their whole lives? It’s because some of us love it! It is definitely not for everyone (like those co-workers that we cannot stand working with because they are rude to absolutely every customer); but some people are fit for the job, for life. I read about all these negative reasons to be a server and wonder, what about the positives? (I guess it’s the way society is, always finding the negative). So, whether you agree or not, here is MY top 10 Reasons to be a server.

1. Friends for life. My best friend is a girl that I never thought I liked, until we started working together and found out she’s my everything! Together, we learn to deal with all different kinds of people and learn to deal with one another on the best and worst days of life. Through the good and the bad, we still have to show up to work, we still have to put on a smile and not tell the customer about our awful day. It’s those work friends that help you survive the toughest days of life; and because of that, I believe servers find life friends at work.

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2. Great Money. Obviously! If we learn what the customers want and how to communicate, be friendly, and be ourselves- even on the bad days; I have found out, people love me! Customers love to be real with us servers, they don’t want to be treated badly or get a fake server. They want to talk about life: the good, the bad and everything inbetween.  Be you, and you will make great money! Of course, it’s not ALWAYS going to be a great day; but, stick with it and you will get better at your job, making more income.

3. Personable. We’re are personable. We know and understand how to relate to our customers, because we’ve have been in your shoes as a customer; and whether we’re at work, at the bars, or at school, we know how to relate to you.

4. Communicate. Hello! Of course we are good communicators. We have to interact with 100’s of people a day, and deal with all sorts of people. We have to deal with customers while also dealing with the managers, kitchen staff and dishwashers. We learn to juggle all the communication within 1 conversation while still having time for the side talk to our friends on the job. (Let’s be real: we all know I love to talk!) Our job teaches us to be open and honest: tell the truth to the customer and they’ll be happy! 🙂 Right?

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5. Great schedule. Honestly, I love being a server for the schedule. I can get a server position that will provide me night shifts to juggle between my class schedule, OR I can get a server position that will allow me to work day shifts in order to be home in time with the husband, (if you have them)kids or work at a 2nd job. All managers in food and beverage tend to be more understanding and know it isn’t some 8-5 kind of position that we’ve got. If you help them the managers out, they help you out!

6. Speaking of managers. REFERENCES! In the food and beverage atmosphere, the managers and supervisors get to know you personally. They know your strengths and your weaknesses and know how to best promote us. Of course, if they got called as a reference they might be sad to see you go, but 9/10 times their going to give us outstanding reviews. They want the best for us and our futures, whether that’s in our current position or elsewhere.

7. Movement. What’s so great about serving, is that there is more instant gratification for movement within the company. If i take an office job I’m pretty stuck, at least for a couple of years. If I take a position as a server, I make pretty good money as mentioned in #2 AND if I exceed expectations, I have a lot of potential in moving into supervising positions and potentially even further up. Be yourself, and you will succeed!

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8. Great Food. I love cooking; however, I also love getting free food (or cheap), that my chef can make 100x better than me, and not have to worry about getting home after a long work shift to now cook and do house work, school work, or any other kind of work after work! Plus, it keeps me from having to run to the grocery store a million times during the week, because if I don’t have food at home, I’ll just grab a bite from work. So convenient!
9. Understand. They always say, “the grass is greener on the other side.” As a customer, I know the other side and therefore will always have a home court advantage. I know what it’s like being a customer and getting a waitress who is being fake just to get a bigger tip (although, I certainly understand what that’s like also). Since we know that the customer’s needs can vary, we also know how to make their experience and time with us that much better.

“I am only one, but still I am one. I cannot do everything, but still I can do something; and because I cannot do everything, I will not refuse to do something that I can do.” Helen Keller

10. Making a difference. Each individual that walks through these restaurant doors, into my section has a different story. What their story is, who they are, and why they are here, right now, is something we don’t know; But, what we do know, is that each customer is a different customer from the last and I will kill each customer with the most kindness that I possibly can to try and put or keep a smile on their face. Servers can make a struggling mom’s afternoon better by simply smiling. We, as servers, can make a businessman’s month by allowing him to express his concerns about work verbally. I never know the difference I might be making to someone while listening, conversing, or discussing a topic. It’s important to Listen to the words each customer tells me because they have a story and have the potential to make a difference in my life as well.

So, there you have it! My top 10 reason’s why I love being a server. What do you enjoy about being server? Do you miss it? Leave your feedback in my comments.

Katie Montang


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