Stitch Fix Box #2

It’s that time! I finally received my second fix. I was so excited (and yes I totally cheat and look up my fixes before they arrive- I just cannot resist looking!).

To remind you, I got my first Stitch Fix 2 months earlier by receiving a gift from a wonderful friend. Stitch Fix is the personal styling service that shops for you and sends 5 items of clothing or accessories to your door, on the date you choose. If you keep nothing, you send it all back in their prepaid envelope and they charge you a $20 styling fee. But if you keep at least one item, that fee goes toward the cost of your item.

My stylists listen to my requests and seem to check my Pinterest board for what I like to wear. Stitch Fix is great because it taught me a few things about clothes. 1. Having someone else shop for you is super nice because it gives you a different sense of style- sometimes we all need this to get out of a rut. 2. If you don’t love it, send it back. And it really is that easy.

And if you refer your friends and they end up getting a fix of their own, you’ll earn credit to use toward your next fix. That’s the only way I can keep doing it. So thanks! They will ask you to fill out your own style profile with sizes and preferences and all of that. It is so fun waiting in anticipation each month to see what my stylist has decided to send me!

Scroll down to see my second fix or visit Stitch Fix to fill out your own personal profile and schedule your first fix. Remember, you don’t pay anything until after your fix is sent to you. Let me know how you like it!

Stitch Fix #2

In my fix this month I received a Sweatshirt, Scarf, Sweater, Dress & Jeans.

Market & Spruce Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt

  1. Market & Spruce Xander Short Sleeve Woven Back Sweatshirt- I totally cheated and looked this sweater up before it even arrived and had a slight suspicion that I would really like this top. It is SUPER comfortable and I love the style. Again, not something I would ever pick up off the racks for myself. This is a very versatile top (meaning I can wear it out on the night or to work and it goes with a lot of different pants or jewelry). This top is super comfortable. Staus: Gladly Kept.Ciara Flannel Infinity Scarf
  2. Octavia Ciara Flannel Infinity Scarf- I like the idea of this scarf. It is a different style than something I would pick off the shelf for myself; however, I haven’t worn scarves in about 3 years (due to living in the south & it being warm) and I have a TON of scarfs. So, for me, this was not a keep item because I like to think I am realistic. I also just don’t know what I would wear this with. I am not great at piecing items together, and if you know me almost everything I have is versatile! Status: Returned.Darla Lace Asymmetric Hem Sweater
  3. Brixon Ivy Darla Lace Asymmetric Hem Sweater- I looked this item up before I received it and I thought I was going to try it on and absolutely hate the material, hate the fit and hate the look on me. This would NEVER be something I would grab off the shelves for myself. However, the material was comfortable, the style was a great fit and it looked very cute on. The one thing I was not so sure on with this top was it appeared a little see through. I wasn’t 100% on what it looked like on me, so when I asked my wonderful husband… I won’t put his response on here but let’s just say the Status: Quickly Returned.Tracie Jersey Dress
  4. Tracie Jersey DressMargaret M Tracie Jersey Dress- I like the idea of this dress. I love the length on this dress. I like the overall shape; however, I don’t like how much cleavage this dress seems to show. It was also a bit too tight in the stomach area which I am not a fan of and truthfully the color’s/design confused me. Therefore? I was not at all in love with this dress. Status: Gladly returned.Liverpool Kay Skinny Jeans
  5. Liverpool Kay Skinny Jean- THESE JEANS! OMG! Most comfortable jeans I have ever worn. The fit was great, the quality is great and these jeans are very versatile. I have NEVER bought a pair of skinny jeans for myself, in fact, I am not sure I’ve even ever tried them on. These jeans are so me. The best part about it? You won’t find jeans any cheaper anywhere else and I can guarantee you will spend HOURS looking for a pair THIS comfortable. Status: Kept with excitement to wear these jeans OFTEN!

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I want to see your next Fix!

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