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A shopper who actually buy’s what they come in for.” The comment that has stuck in my mind for days. I stopped at the grocery store earlier this week to grab a bag of chicken for dinner; as I was checking out the 25 year old cashier asked me how I managed to weave to the back of the store and find my way to his station without picking up more than what I came for. He sounded so shocked and so confused at the same time. My response back to him was “I guess I just knew what I wanted.” Very typical, short answer while standing in the line full of people. As conversation continued, the guy asked me if I had a pretty organized and planned lifestyle; of course I laughed and said I wish it was way more organized and planned, but I guess most people would say yes to my lifestyle. I never thought about just how organized and planned my life is until Chris told me. (I love blunt people because they help you learn the best things about yourself!)

After reflecting on this conversation for about two days I decided to walk a whole day through my life and take detailed notes of ways that I am organized. However, after waking up, making my coffee and starting on my breakfast; I quickly realized that taking a whole day of notes was way too much. I re-tackled this task later in the evening.

I used to not be very organized, and you can even ask my sister (she hated it!). When I got married I quickly learned how to share a closet with someone and keep our items separated with these amazing Foldable Cube Basket Bins:

To be honest with you, I LOVE these cubes because their affordable, the color is perfect for anywhere in my home (I love greys anywhere I can put it because then I can add whatever other colors I want to that room), and their sturdy. I have the top of our closet full off these baskets that are easy to get down (even for short people) thanks to the handle on the side. Another thing I really like about this type of basket is that it hides away the “clutter.” If I see items sitting in my laundry room I feel that it is messy and it stresses me out. With these baskets, it hides away the mess.

I keep 1 basket of:

  • sweatshirts/ pullovers for me
  • sweatshirts/ pullovers for Kayne
    • If it’s winter, I keep the heavier sweatshirts towards the top of the basket; if it’s summer, the heavier sweatshirts go to the bottom.
  • T-shirts/running shirts for me
  • T-shirts/running shirts for Kayne
  • Sweatpants
  • Hats
  • Bed sheets and pillow cases- I’m beginning to think we might have too many sets if we can fill a full basket!

Outside of the closet, I use these baskets everywhere:

  • Under my bathroom sink for items like hair dryer, blow dryer, wand, curling iron, etc.
  • Under Kayne’s sink for bathroom wash cloths and hand towels
  • In my laundry room for different table cloths
  • In my laundry room for kitchen towels and wash cloths
  • Spare bedroom for extra blankets for guests to have easy access to
  • Living room for extra blankets
  • In my kitchen pantry for loose items
    • All pasta’s and grains in 1 basket
    • All snacky foods or chips into another basket.
      • Side Note: having snacky chip like items in a grey basket in my closet also helps to prevent me from seeing a snacky item at a time during the day that I am super hungry and just want to grab something. It goes to the theory, “out of sight, out of mind.”

In my kitchen cabinets, I prefer to use the Under Shelf Wire Rack Basket (again, I love my greys)

Unlike the snacky foods, I like to be able to see my spices that I use on a regular basis (which I put in a cabinet close to my mixer on the rack). I also use this shelf for items like ziploc baggies or saran wrap like items. It helps to keep my kitchen clean of clutter off the counter surface, as well as, helps me to utilize my tall cabinet space.

Maybe one day I will share ALL of my organization tips and tricks with the world; but for today, these are my 2 most basic household items that I absolutely love and helps me feel like my life is organized. When my house and life is organized and cutter free, I can relax, stress free. (I am sure many of you can relate!)

“Clutter is symptomatic of delayed decision making.”
– Cynthia Kyriazis



Katie Montang


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