Learning to Love

What I know and have learned over my short time of falling in love is this- you love for those around you and not for yourself. We are to not be selfish when in love. Love finds us and before we know it we have unleashed everything about ourselves to this person. It is an emotionally exhausting roller coaster both internally and externally for ourselves and the other whom we have fallen in love with. God tells us life is not easy. And we have to fight for what we want. Seek like the blind and follow Him and He will help you to find your way.

I’m no where near perfect. I have many faults and I have to find a way to pick myself back up and to keep moving along. Kayne also helps me to get back up on my feet each day. I wake up every morning knowing I can accomplish anything with him standing beside me. After all, God sent him to me so I wouldn’t have to walk my journey alone. When  I struggle I turn to Kayne for guidance just like I can turn to God; who we are tied together for life with.

One of the best things I was ever told: “With God we can do anything; and alone, I am nothing.”

I don’t always know the right answer, nor does Kayne, but as a team we fight strong, stick together, and get through our struggles. God put us together to help guide each other through life till the end of our time. At that point, I hope I have done my job as a wife and guided Kayne closer to God, as He would have done Himself for my husband. Kayne is my project in life. I hope and pray that I have helped find his place in Heaven and where he belongs, after all, Heaven is more exciting than earth.

We love because we care. We care because we have emotions and feelings. We feel for those who feel for us. Once you have felt so much for one person that you let go of yourself and your selfishness, I believe you have then fallen in love.

Christmas 2014. My first Christmas married.

Katie Montang


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