Graduation. The best day ever. Life changing. So many different emotions put into 1 day, after 20 years of education. With graduation fast approaching in 1 month + 1 week or 39 days or 5 exams + 6 Papers or 19 days of classes (yes, I’ve calculated May 14th down every way possible, written on every single calendar I own and strategically planned) I have been working to figure out the biggest question all graduates ask themselves, “what now?”

With a double major I have two paths I can decide between and with that, leaves my range of possible jobs more open, but also more difficult in deciding what job’s to search for on any specific day. I’ve done everything my dad taught me as I child; when I was deciding between scholarship offers and colleges 6 years ago: Pros and Cons list, research everything possible on the position, make a list of what I want in my job, you name it- I’ve done it. I guess after 6 years of thinking about my future career I have it narrowed down to what still seems to be too big of a spectrum. How did you finally make the decision after graduation?

Is it crazy to say that I love school? Is it crazy to want to stay in school forever? I’ve had to make so many decisions up to now, if I leave school will it only get harder? I’m comfortable with being in school, after all, I’ve done it for about 20 years now. Okay, but really: I think Kayne might kill me if I chose to stay in school any longer than I already have. I guess it’s that time to start our life as adults, after school.

Being one of the many people I know graduating at this time, I know this sense of fear is not just me going crazy. I know that we all go through this struggle and become a nervous wreck when having to deal with this huge time of change. Something I have grown to know so well, after so long, is quickly going to be gone for the rest of my life. I’ll never be a student again?! (Even as I type I’m still in shock I’m going to finally graduate for the last time from school).

Luckily, I have an amazing support group of family and friends who have either experienced this fear or are currently going through it with me at this time. Thankfully, with their help and guidance I will make it through what seems to be this dark covered path with a tunnel somewhere at the end where the light will shine and a job will be waiting for me through all this hard work and dedication. It will all pay off, for us all and we just have to be patient, pray, and continue working just as hard as we have all semester long.

Katie Montang


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