Graduation Thank You

Thank you

The end. The point where I look back and reflect on my experiences and the events that have gotten me to this point. Graduating college was something I viewed as not optional, rather mandatory. For me, college was another stepping stone that God has placed me on to prepare me for the next step of life. (Scary thought: I’m still not sure what that next step is, but I know God will guide me and I just have to trust in Him!)34978_473338396631_516025_n (1)

It used to be known that you graduated from high school, attended college, obtained a full time position, got married, then have children. However, as we know, that is no longer the one way to get those events done. There is not just one path for everyone to follow, just as I experienced. For me, after high school graduation I got to head into the next step of life with my boyfriend (now known as my husband). I knew I didn’t need to finish college before we got married because we knew we were ready. We knew that even as a married couple, I would still be able to accomplish my goal of finishing my college education.

How did we know? There’s not ever a guarantee of anything; however, with Kayne by my side he lifted off the extra stress of school and helped me get through my study’s, work, and family issues together. He helped keep me on path to finishing my education and pushed me to be the best I could be. Luckily, as my spouse, he knows my limits and he has helped to push me enough to make me a better person, a better student, a better professional, and a better wife.

Trust me when I say: It is NOT easy being the spouse of a student. Coming to bed full of papers and pencils on the bed and your wife asleep, or coming home to a chair full of a dumped out backpack (because I couldn’t find that one piece of paper I needed for class), or coming home on a Friday night to a wife who doesn’t have much time other than to say “Hi,” because there’s a big exam the next day. Whether it is being pushed to the side for school or not getting my full attention during a conversation because my mind is studying while at dinner, being a spouse of a student is like fighting for your best friend.

TrMay 17thust me when I say: It is NOT easy, but it is TOTALLY worth it. Okay, so I guess you would have to ask my husband about that one, but he seems to still love me more and more every day and he knows that I am happy doing what I do, which in turn makes him happier also. In life, we will continue to fight for what we want and strive for nothing less than the best.

Just remember that no matter what, your spouse will love you, care for you and help to guide you in the right direction. I do not have to do it alone and neither should he. We will support one another and pick each other up on the bad days and celebrate on the good days.

So Thank you to my husband. Thank you for picking me up on the days that I came home crying about an assignment. Thank you for listening to me (even when you didn’t want to) about the terrible group I had for a project. Thank you for carrying our family through the tough times we’ve had while I’ve finished my education. Thank you for proofreading every paper I’ve ever written (this is NOT a lie). Thank you for helping me to stay focused. Thank you for motivating me when I thought I had had enough. Thank you for making me stronger as a person and helping me to fight through the tough times. And most importantly, thank you for not giving up on me and continuing to hold our family together. Thank you for being you and for having so much love. I could not have gotten to Graduation without you.

Katie Montang


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